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Tim AllenTim Allen
01:08 23 Jul 23
These guys are custom Design Roofing are the best of the best. If you want the best value for your money, and expert installation plus remarkable customer service....look no further.Stop scrolling and just give them a call 🤙
Russell BilesRussell Biles
01:23 06 Feb 23
From my first interaction with this company, Dimitri's professional courtesy, direct and zero pressure mannerism, and a clear care for our residence won my wife and I over. Working with local contractors is usually our preference, and our trust with this company was definitely placed correctly. Dimitri returned with our estimate, with the three options we chose, talked us through each, and we could not be more pleased with the result. Our new 50 year roof was perfectly installed by his highly skilled and down to earth staff, Zack and Ray, along with others who respected our home shown through their care with quality installation. They corrected previous installation issues configuring code required baffling, new venting, missing insulation, worked through new skylight features, capped by working with the unexpected problem of re-decking the entire living space.The pricing Custom Design Roofing came in as a clear choice winner above the other two of three bids we limited ourselved to for reroofing our home. The staffing was spectacular, communication was timely, and most importantly, there were no surprises.I would not hesitate in the slightest to work with Custom Design Roofing again for my home roofing needs.Dimitri, Zack, and Ray, thank you! Your work continues to exceed and keep our home well covered.
marc janesmarc janes
00:16 16 Jun 22
From the outset, Demetre and his team anticipated and exceeded our expectations. Unlike several other regional players who, by comparison, seemed slick, a bit too sure of themselves, brimming with assurances but proved wanting in reliability and expertise, CDR took pains to be thorough, correct, considerate, and professional. They were particularly careful to avoid glib, superficial answers but, instead, to double check and provide technically sound rationale and evidence regarding industry standards. They even had the senior ventilation tech from Air Vent call us, from Texas, to explain aspects of our attic convection dynamics for new generation roof vents.As for value, we have the exact same product (materials) and premier lifetime warranty as others offer, at nearly half the price.
Dan MurdochDan Murdoch
05:41 16 May 22
I appreciated this local, small business for their attention to detail. As we progressed through the re-roofing of my 100 year old home, I got to know the folks doing the work and came to trust their expertise. This second generation family-owned business is trustworthy, honest and always available to answer questions. The person giving you the estimate is the one overseeing the project. These guys have a ton of experience and did a great job on our home.
Michael JungeMichael Junge
00:21 12 May 22
I had a significant leak around my chimney this winter. They came out right away - diagnosed the problem - showed up - and fixed the leak. I have dealt with other roofing companies over the past several years and this experience was by far the best. Quality craftsmanship with even better customer service. I will use this company for any roofing need going forward.
Charli SchmidtCharli Schmidt
17:14 07 May 22
The eves of my roof were rotting and I wasn’t sure of the extent of the repairs needed. Custom Design Roofing sent someone to assess the damage and they came up with a game plan that was not only effective, but fit within my budget. They were conscious of my situation and were quick to remove and replace the gutters, and repair my eves. They even did a small repair on a leak until I was financially in a better situation to get a new roof.This is a family owned business that truly cares about their customers and made me feel as important as family. I would highly recommend Custom Design Roofing.

Metal Roofs in Gig Harbor, Tacoma, University Place, Port Orchard, and Fox Island

Welcome to Custom Design Roofing LLC, Gig Harbor, Tacoma, University Place, Port Orchard, and Fox Island’s top metal roofing provider. Offering professional services in commercial, residential, industrial, and government projects, we specialize in metal roofing for various industries. Our distinctive selling proposition is the quality of our sheet metal systems, which guarantee dependable and durable metal roof solutions.

Tired of Constant Roof Repairs?

You’re in good company if you’re tired of relentlessly discovering sustainable metal rooftop fixes. Rooftop fixes often give brief arrangements, cause finishing harm, and surpass financial plans. We at Custom Design Roofing give an exit from this irritation. Our serious staff guarantees your metal rooftop is put first, safeguarding your property, setting aside cash, and offering dependable arrangements.

Why Opt For Metal Roofing?

Besides its astounding life span, metal roofing is additionally harmless to the ecosystem and impervious to flames and extreme climates. Metal roofing materials are not just a reasonable choice but additionally a supportable one that will give your property long haul tasteful allure and inner serenity because of their solidness and low upkeep necessities.

1. Durability

Metal roofing is a dependable material because of its extended lifespan and resilience to deterioration.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Because it uses recyclable and sustainable metal roofing materials, metal roofing is environmentally beneficial.

3. Weather and Fire Resistance

You can feel safe and at ease because metal roofs resist fire and weather.

Roofing Services Provided By Custom Design Roofing LLC

Custom Design Roofing offers broad assistance custom-fitted to every client’s roofing necessities. Our talented team is ready to give first-class arrangements, whether you want precise metal rooftop establishments, educated rooftop fixes, or routine investigations and support to delay the existence of your metal rooftop. Our main pressing issues are your pleasure and the nature of your metal rooftop.

1. Metal Roof Installation

Our crew is experienced at installing metal roofs in Gig Harbor precisely to your specifications.

2. Roof Repairs

To strengthen the life of your roof, we make sure to do durable metal roof repairs that are quick and efficient.

3. Inspections & Maintenance

You must partake in routine roof maintenance and inspections to guarantee the longevity of your metal roof in Gig Harbor.

Top Cost-Effective Roofing Solutions

Some of our metal roofing materials, including Steel, tin, aluminum, copper, and zinc, are cost-effective and are lighter on the pocket than the other materials available. We make sure that only the best, top-quality product reaches you. When going for metal roofing in Fox Island, always look for a material that best fits your budget and fulfills all your needs & demands.

1. Copper

Not only are copper roofs sturdy, but they make for some incredibly elegant and durable metal roofs that last a lifetime!

2. Aluminum

Aluminum rooftops are reasonable and dependable since they are lightweight and erosion-safe.

3. Zinc

Unrivaled climate obstruction and particular magnificence are highlights of zinc material.

4. Steel

Steel roofs are strong and affordable for those looking at affordable options, making them perfect for various uses.

5. Tin

Tin roofing is a traditional option renowned for its toughness and classic style.

Why Choose Custom Design Roofing LLC for Metal Roofing?

Choosing Personalized Design in Roofing entails collaborating with knowledgeable professionals committed to completing projects on schedule. To achieve outstanding results, we provide our services at economical rates using only the best cutting-edge technologies that help achieve the look you desire. To add value to any premium rooftop, we provide free 200-foot drain metal roof installation, a range of financing options, and a satisfaction guarantee. Select us for a straightforward, reasonably priced, reliable metal material experience.

1. Experience and Expertise

With our crew’s experience and expertise backing every job, we aim to provide durable metal roofing jobs in Port Orchard whenever you hire us!

2. Affordability

We offer roofing solutions for homes at affordable rates without sacrificing the quality of the components or craftsmanship.

3. Cutting-edge Technology

We use cutting-edge technologies to provide amazing metal roofing results in University Place.

4. Timely Project Completion

We stick to straight deadlines so that your metal roofing project in University Place gets completed on time!

5. Satisfaction Guaranteed

We provide a 100% Satisfaction guarantee and stand by our product and services. If you are unsatisfied with our service, please contact us.

6. Financing Available

Thanks to our amazing payment plans, Metal roofing in Gig Harbor is affordable and dependable. You can avail of our multiple payment plans to make your life easier.

7. 200 Feet of FREE Gutter With Any Premium Roof!

Offering free gutter installation along with your premium metal roof installation in Gig Harbor may increase the value of your investment.

Areas We Serve

If your house or place of business needs a sturdy, weather-resistant metal roof in Gig Harbor, Custom Design Roofing is the company to call. No matter where you are in our vast service area, you can count on us to handle your metal roofing needs with professionalism and quality.

Contact Us for Premium Metal Roofing Services

Contact Custom Design Roofing LLC if you need excellent metal roofs in Tacoma, Gig Harbor, University Place, Port Orchard, or Fox Island. Make your roofing fantasies come true by contacting us to discuss your demands for metal roofing materials.

FAQs on Metal Roofs

1. Are metal roofs suitable for the weather in Gig Harbor, Tacoma, University Place, Port Orchard, and Fox Island?

Custom Design Roofing LLC specializes in metal roofing, which performs well in the varied climates of Gig Harbour, Tacoma, University Place, Port Orchard, and Fox Island. Resilience to rain, wind, and temperature changes gives them long-lasting protection and curb appeal. You can rely on Custom Design Roofing LLC to expertly include metal roofing solutions in Gig Harbor, WA, that endure the particular difficulties brought on by the volatile environment of the Pacific Northwest.

2. How much does a metal roof add to the value of a home in Port Orchard and the neighboring areas?

Custom Design Roofing LLC’s metal roof installation significantly boosts the value of houses in Port Orchard and surrounding areas. Metal roofs in Tacoma, WA, are long-lasting, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient, increasing a home’s visual and economic appeal to potential buyers. The superior metal long-lasting roofing solutions provided by Custom Design Roofing LLC can help you increase the market value of your home.

3. What benefits come with having a metal roof on a home or business?

Custom Design Roofing LLC will advise you on the advantages of a metal roof in University Place, WA. Metal roofs provide exceptional durability, lifetime, energy efficiency, and visual appeal. They are ideal both for residential and commercial applications since they resist fire, mold, and vermin. They are also a low-maintenance and safe roofing option. You can count on Custom Design Roofing LLC to seamlessly integrate these benefits into your home.

4. For how long can metal roofs last?

Custom Design Roofing LLC is the finest source for buying long-lasting metal roofing in Fox Island, WA. Their metal roofs in Port Orchard, WA, outlast traditional roofing materials, withstanding rain, snow, and bright sunlight. Metal roofing from Custom Design Roofing LLC is a fantastic long-term investment for residential and commercial structures due to its long-lasting nature and resistance to corrosion.

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