If you suspect issues are present with your roof and notice one or more of the signs mentioned below that indicate a roofing problem, our roofing professionals at Custom Design Roofing, LLC are here to help. As your trusted roofing contractor serving the Tacoma, WA area, we offer to provide a free roof inspection to determine any potential roofing issues along with a no-cost estimate for repairs or replacement. We can help you catch any existing roof problems before they grow into larger problems that are much more expensive.

Signs of Possible Roofing Issues

You may need roof repair or roof replacement services if one of the following indicators are present with your roof:

  • Indications of leaking in the attic – the appearance of dark spots in the wood, particularly around chimneys, fence, and other holes in the roof.
  • Deck sagging between the rafters – if the decking is deteriorating or sagging, you will need a total decking replacement after a new roof has been installed
  • Signs of leaking or water damage – includes the appearance of sagging ceilings or only water stains
  • Light from the outside coming through the roof – although this may be common on shake roofs

Repairing or replacing an existing roof is often a more cost-effective course of action than allowing a small roofing problem to persist until it grows larger and more expensive over time. We can advise you of your best options for roofing repair or replacement.

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